Mr Darwin’s Tree

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Un one-man show joué en anglais par le comédien Andrew Harrison
en présence de l’auteur, Murray Watts

Le samedi 21 mai, 20h30, tarif 15 euros

Charles Darwin’s extraordinary life from the Beagle voyage to the world-shattering publication of the Origin of Species, a quest through humour, chronic illness, hesitation and brilliant discovery in this mesmerising solo performance.

Written and directed by Murray Watts, who has created many solo shows in London and Edinburgh, some of which have been made into films, notably The Dream starring Jeremy Irons. This is his latest collaboration with actor Andrew Harrison. Murray Watts has written and directed many plays for the theatre over the last 35 years. His work as a writer in TV, radio, film and theatre has won awards and received critical acclaim.

Acclaimed at its premier in Westminster abbey, and hailed at the Edinburgh Festival as “an elegantly conceived, clever and highly informative performance, overflowing with gentle humor and charm” (« Three Weeks »), Mr Darwin’s Tree explores the life and work of Charles Darwin within the contexts of science, faith and family. In April and in the autumn 2016 the play tours universities in the USA.

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Edinburgh Festival Reviews:

‘Andrew Harrison’s emotional manipulation of the audience is outstanding.’ Broadway Baby

Full review in Broadway Baby –

« This is a must-see production that drew capacity crowds for its recent performances in Cambridge. Thoroughly recommended. » Denis Alexander, Director, Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, St.Edmund’s College, Cambridge.

« Mr. Darwin’s Tree – a brilliant, fast-paced and beautifully detailed performance. »
The Church Times – from the premiere in Westminster Abbey.

« Harrison portrays the dozen or so characters seamlessly and effortlessly. » The Times.

« The acting was so spell binding…… the nuances of a beautifully crafted text by Murray Watts…. this masterful performance …cthe audience left marvelling at a portrait of Darwin so movingly created in sound and image. » Prof. Alan Werritty, Emeritus Professor of Physical Geography, University of Dundee.

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