Joanne Baron & D.W. Brown Workshop in Paris !

The coaches for Halle Berry, Keanu Reeves, Robin Wright Penn (and many others):

Joanne Baron & D.W. Brown Workshop in Paris!

BaronBrownheadshotWe are very pleased to announce the arrival of Joanne Baron and D.W. Brown for a training program in the Sanford Meisner method!

The Baron/Brown Studio, located in Santa Monica, California, teaches the same body of work that Meisner taught: a specific training program designed to create an emotionally alive actor of depth, imagination, and truth.

On their web-site you will find information on this method, as well as the history and current activities of the studio today.

Whether you are an actor, performer, director, writer or artist, we invite you to participate in this exciting opportunity to receive personal attention and training by coaches who have trained artists including Halle Berry, Keanu Reeves, Patrick Reeves, and many others!

Attached, you will find information and a  registration form. If you have any questions, contact us by email.
The possibility of individual AFDAS coverage is also available.

September 15 et 16, and the 19 to 23, from 6:30 to 10:30 pm

The Pave d’Orsay, 48 Rue de Lille, 75007 Paris

595€ / 550€ if downpayment is recieved by July 15th
Downpayment (non-reimbursable) – 200€

The course will be in English tanslated into French.

Contact us
Please complete your registration and send a check to :

Le Pave d’Orsay
48 rue de Lille
75007 Paris

We hope to see you soon!
Le Pave d’Orsay


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